What Is Graphic Design? A Career Defined

Graphic DesignI can understand why many of the elderly don’t use new technology and may not understand things like graphic design. However, what about those who are using the internet and seeing graphic design every day but still don’t even really know what it is? This blog is for those that should be educated on graphic design so that they can learn what it is, what types are used and why it’s used. Do yourself a favor and take three minutes now and learn something new today. Who knows, you may just start using graphic designs to yourself.

Graphic design is the ideal method in which you can much more efficiently convey a message or put out information regarding the selling a product, showing a demonstration, making an announcement or just trying to persuade someone of anything you want them to believe. For those in graphic designing, they are affiliated daily with using sketches, photos, paintings and computer developed images. In addition, what many may not know is that graphic designers also perform such tasks as creating letter-forms that generate the numerous typefaces that we can see in television ads and movie credits. Pretty neat huh? [Read more...]

The Top Graphic Design Schools

CollegeI’m sure that all of the people that thought graphic designing was incredible a decade ago are even more astonished as the technological advances in our current day continue to escalate to unimaginable heights. Maybe some of them would even trade places with the students who are preparing to apply for some of the best graphic design schools in the country right now. I’ve composed a short list of some of the best institutes that are sure to guarantee you a formidable launch to a potential career in graphics designing.

The following educational centers are listed in no particular order.

 Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta

Georgia Institute was given a 55.3% value rating by its respondents and has a total enrollment of 20,000. They offer a rich blend business, manufacturing, engineering, and of course design. Students that graduated from this school that went on to be very successful are Michael Arad (designer of the World Trade Center Memorial in NYC) and Vern Yip ((Trading Places designer).

Institute of Design (Chicago)

This school was given a 58% value rating from its respondents and has a total enrollment of 150. Of the Chicago Institute of Technology it has been said that it is, “one of the rare species that pushes the boundaries of where the design discipline can play and win.” [Read more...]

Graphic Design Career Paths – What Will You Choose?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeing an individual that works with computers every single day, I can now appreciate technology and those that can make their living from sitting in an office or at home and just work on or offline. One of the ideal categorical careers that I will talk about here is one which takes full advantage of an individual’s artistic talent and ability to utilize computer advancement and this is none other than a graphic designer. There will be so much to cover on this subject so I will just make an attempt to touch upon the different types of graphic designing careers in hopes to inspire others to contemplate putting their creative and technological talents to work.

Specifically, this listed summary will look at positions, titles or duties that are conducted by graphic designers with experience in associated guidance roles.

The first I’d like to mention is a vital position and title known as a Creative Director. This position entitles the overseer to take charge of a team of innovative artists that create artwork that is to be showcased specifically for marketing campaigns as well as for products. Any one creative team can be comprised of art directors, graphic designers, photographers, artists, illustrators, copywriters and a staff for production. One of the main centers or duties of the Creative Director is to motivate and support their team in order to completely gratify the needs and wants of their client. It is most prevalent that a Creative Director was previously promoted from the position of either a copywriter or an art director. [Read more...]

Graphic Designers – Needed In Every Niche

MenuHas anyone ever told you that graphic designers are becoming obsolete? I confess there aren’t many that would say such a foolish thing quite yet, especially since it’s not true at all. I want to encourage those of you pursuing a career in graphic design to keep pushing forward and this information is here to let you know that graphic designers are needed in every niche and even in areas that many have never thought of. I will just quickly mention a few areas with limited detail on each one and I hope I can inspire some of you to get started in new directions you may have never thought possible.

The first niche we can briefly look at is coffee table books. There are clients with a growing interest for a type of print-on-demand. Several individuals that are into scrap-booking, designing and photography have been arranging collections of coffee table books on their own for portfolio purposes. Graphic designers can do a better job with these than computerized layout tools for POD books.

Have you ever considered wall decals? Within the last decade these removable wall visuals have been growing in popularity. Many people that live alone especially like decals of real human images that they can stick on their walls. It makes them feel as though someone is really there with them. Some designers specialize in decorations that quite often start a snowballing effect and become very popular. [Read more...]

Graphic Design: A Lucrative Career

Just like with many other prospective careers out on the job markets today, it’s probably wise to ask yourself whether or not building up a profession in graphic designing is truly profitable and rewarding. As time rapidly rushes beyond us there are many jobs that are all but outdated. Fortunately I can inform you now that with graphic developing this is not something to be concerned about as the future progresses. Let me motivate you into the area of graphic designing as we uncover why it is in fact a lucrative industry.

If you’ve just graduated senior high school and are considering the field of graphic design then you should know that it is a flourishing enterprise that has further been evolving with technological advancements. It would also be false for me to tell you that it’s not competitive, there are indeed many with their “designing eyes” on this prize and for you to have a four year degree will surely propel you onto the proper path.

The salaries in graphic designing do vary greatly depending on your role, position on a team, the company you work for as well as your experience. To give you some idea of what the annual incomes can look like, a median yearly wage for someone in graphic designing is roughly $30,000 to $54,000. Those in the lower 10% percentage make about $25,000 or less and in the top 10% you can expect an average income of about $50,000 to $70,000 annually. Now that kind of money isn’t something to necessarily thumb your nose at is it? This answers the question about graphics building being financially profitable but what about the actual job itself? [Read more...]

Graphic Design in 2014 – The Top Visual Trends

Well ladies and gentlemen of the graphics designing world, the new visual trends of 2014 are in and I would love to get sharing them with you right away. It’s a new year and this means that perhaps some unexpected new developments are here to surprise and impact you in new ways. Get your printers warmed up or a pen and paper handy because the sooner you make yourselves familiar with these new styles, the sooner you can put them into graphics building practice.

Just keep in mind that it’s never sensible to just blindly follow new trends without knowing more about them first, but it will certainly benefit you to know which ones are actually out there. So without further delay, let’s get visualizing.

Universal Trends

The first trend that I would like to direct your attention to is what we call, Filtered. In 2013 there was a 661% increase in searches for Instagram-like imagery. The filtered look is becoming very popular as those with retro toy cams and photo app loads for mobile are using them in significantly increasing numbers. [Read more...]